About Us

We are a unique architectural design firm with offices in Boise, Idaho and Cody, Wyoming. We serve a diverse and select clientele who share a common trait in their desire to receive high-end, innovative architectural design.

While we work across styles and on both commercial and residential projects, we know we are not for everyone. And that’s OK. For clients who truly see the value and expertise we bring to their project, the results speak for themselves.

Our Philosophy

The Language of Architecture

For all its complexity, the human body has a true and natural proportion. However, the specific reason for how a body achieves this grace and harmony is not something many can easily, or precisely, describe with language. Likewise, when a body has disproportion — through the distortion or misplacement of any part — often it is perceived merely by the sense that “something isn’t right.” You know it, but you cannot define or explain it. In either case, the bridge between knowing, understanding and communicating about the body is language.

So it goes with built environments.

Outstanding built environments also have proportion, harmony and grace. They create beauty out of complexity. And the language of architecture exists to provide a clear definition and understanding of what works, what does not, and why.

This language is then the bridge that enables clients to move from a vague knowledge of what the result could be, to a precise understanding of what it should be.

At Point Architects, we are dedicated to this language and use it daily to serve our clients’ goals in many different ways. We are inspired by it, and in turn, seek to inspire others so that together, we may create exceptional results.

Our Process


understanding goals, desires and realities

“Do you see what I am saying?”

“Can you visualize and take ownership of what I am describing?”

Discovery begins the simple way – with us listening to you.


how spoken Language takes form

At Point Architects, we don’t dive right into computer drawings. We hand sketch concepts and review these with clients in a dynamic format so the process of design, and the flow of communication, is more efficient.

We will be your advocate and your Devil’s advocate.


the creation of project communities

We operate best as part of your team. So following design, we work to create a sense of community around each project.

Discovery begins the simple way – with us listening to you.

Better communication, better collaboration, mutual respect.